Käkriäinen is a magazine by students at the University of Helsinki students of Finnish Literature. It contains literary ciritiques, interviews and original content with each issue relating to a particular theme.

With karkkikammo, we designed and produced two issues, 3/2016 and 4/2016 with the themes of Virtuality and Death respectively and aimed at creating print and digital experiences that support each other, while also strongly supporting the theme and the writing within.

The theme of virtuality was taken on as building an interface within an interface – through the re-creation of an old macintosh System 6 interface to browse through the content. The theme of Death was tackled more lightly, with illustrations by dead authors portraying different types of death.

The digital editions were developed utilizing a standard Wordpress/Bedrock -setup with custom a custom built Sage-based theme for Death and a somewhat esoteric jQuery-frontend for Virtuality.

Have a look:

Käkriäinen.fi and the Death issue

The Virtuality issue

Print edition of Virtuality

Print edition of Death