STT Tarkkailija

I worked on the concept, design and development of the first prototype of the STT Tarkkailija analytics and monitoring tool, that would later go on to receive generous funding from Google DNI for its' later iterations.

Working together with stakeholders within the news organization – sales, management and staff writers – I defined the initial requirements of a system for monitoring and analysing the produced news output, and the throughput of that material on to customers' platforms. In collaboration with technology partners I explored what data is available for use on the platform and designed user interfaces and visualizations based on the melding of those constraints and identified user needs, assessing what kind of metrics would be viable to show. The beta/prototype version of the software was then realized utilizing ember.js


  • Stakeholder requirement mapping
  • User need assessment
  • Data gathering and assessment
  • Performance indicator design
  • Data visualization
  • User interface design
  • Development and user testing